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Zheng Zeng

Zheng ZENG, Expert of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine at the ministry of Agriculture of China

Mr Zeng holds a degree in Prophylactic Veterinary Medicine. His main research work focused on the Construction of DNA and subunit Brucella vaccines (supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China) and the Technique of monitoring and controlling of animal rabies and its demonstration in China (Chinese National Commonweal Funding Project on Agriculture to CT).
Mr Zeng previously held the position of Head of the animal disease monitoring and diagnosis Section and Head of the BSL-2, BSL-3 Laboratory in Chongqing Animal CDC.
He also Co-led the China-Canada Livestock Health Extension Services Project, a programme supported by the Canadian International Development Agency. On this project, Mr Zeng cooperated with different international experts. Other international experiences were gained during his Training in OLDS college in Canada in 2007 and 2010, and Great Britain in 2012. Mr Zeng also organized the annual ZOONSIS international conference in Chongqing, and participated in other similar international events in Thailand and Italy. From September 2013 on, Mr Zeng will engage in a temporary research project at the Tropical Institute in Antwerp.


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