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Biennial event 27 november 2015

Steven Chen (Chen Xiaojun)

President of League Co., Ltd. (Hedgren)

Chen Xiaojun studied business management at Zhejiang University of Technology. As a senior economist, he has built up his carrier within League Company, first as president of Hilltop (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd from 2000 until 2006 and afterwards as president of League (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. In 2012 Mr Chen became the president of League Company and during his carrier he gathered several social honors and prizes, such as Chairman of Hangzhou Luggage Association and Pioneer Worker in Hangzhou City.
League Company is a large joint venture company with five branches: Hilltop (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd, League (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd, Hilltop (Anhui) Co., Ltd, Hilltop (Zhejiang) International Property Co., Ltd and League (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. Its core business covers bag manufacturing, international trade, brand operation and property management. The company has become one of the world’s largest bag manufacturers in the world, as a supplier of amongst others SAMSONITE, TARGUS, DELSEY, CASE LOGIC and other world-famous brand bags. By now, the company has more than 12000 employees and an annual output of 30 million pieces.

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