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Chris Morel

Honorary citizen of Shanghai and Beijing and Chairman of ChESS N.V.

Christian Morel, born in 1945, achieved the trade and consular sciences degree and an MBA degree at the university of Antwerp, Belgium. Before taking up a management position at the telecom giant Alcatel, he had been active in the financial and medical sector.
He founded and managed around 10 JV’s (Taiwan, India, China, Turkey, Russia), of which he was manager and/or president in the period 1983-2003.
Holding a top management position at Alcatel Bell, he was one of the western pioneers to start up negotiations in China for the setup of Shanghai Bell. He is now honorary citizen of Beijing and Shanghai, and received the P.R. China Friendship Award in 1998.
Up to now, he is still maintaining important relationships with China on cultural, educational and commercial level. He is the president of the China Europe Management Center and vice president of the Belgian Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC).

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