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Province of Antwerp

A friendship agreement with the Province of Shaanxi in China makes the Province of Antwerp in Belgium the first Belgian province ever to sign an official friendship agreement with a Chinese Province. The friendship agreement was signed in May 1985. It meant a strong support to the investment plan of Antwerp’s Janssen Pharmaceutical Company in Shaanxi. Janssen Pharmaceutical Company decided in the early 80’s to invest in the North-West of China - a brilliant idea that has proved its success with the years passing by.

Since the signing of the agreement, many projects and co-operations have been carried out and have been realised in the fields such as poverty-relief, education, and culture. A few examples: -27 years of exchange of language students, professional trainings of tourism management, agricultural technologies that were offered to the Shaanxi governmental employees -Impressing 6-month visit of China Panda in the Zoo of Antwerp -Splendid exhibitions of ‘Qin, Lord of external life’ of Qin terra-cotta warriors in 1993, ‘The World of Han’ in 2006, ‘Embracing the Moon, Mirror of the Tang Dynasty’ in 2010.

In recent years, with the upcoming Chinese investments in Europe, the Province of Antwerp has enlarged its scope of exchanges with China. The economic co-operations with other cities and provinces such as Tianjin, Chongqing, Shandong, Sichuan, … have been highly welcomed by both sides.

The Province of Antwerp is the driving force of the Belgian economy. It has the second biggest port of Europe, it is the centre of world diamonds trade and world second largest chemical industry centre. With its strategic location, its highly developed economy, its abundant history and culture heritage of Europe, its openness and tolerance, Antwerp is an attractive place to the foreign businessman and tourists. Therefore the Province of Antwerp will invest in the cooperation with China for the benefit of the economic development of both countries.

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